What I learned from people I met on the mountains in 2019

Two Mountains, Many People, Similar Stories

Java, Sulawesi, Lombok, for your reference

Mount Lawu, Java island. Altitude: 3150 meters (10335 feet).

The mountain stood 3265 meters (10712 feet) high. I took a half-day climb from a high land on Java, Indonesia. Just before the summit, there’s a camp area where we could either set up our own tent or get inside one of the three big tents owned by the food sellers (two of them are only open in weekends, one of them is open year round — the owner lives there).

Mount Rinjani, Lombok island. Altitude: 1200 meters (3937 feet).

Rinjani’s summit was 3726 meters (12224 feet) high, but I wasn’t there to climb. My partner and I didn’t have 3 to 4 days to trek up and down, so we decided to spend the day in the village at Rinjani’s foot, climbing two hills and meeting the locals. Our B&B owner, who only had 5 rooms for lodging — mostly known to mountain climbers — took care of the lodging together with his wife. Streams of guests never stopped as the mountain climbers don’t get deterred by earthquakes. His house, which was fortunately undamaged by the Lombok earthquake, was rented by the government-sent disaster rescuers.

Palu, Sulawesi, before and after the earthquake