The Future Humans (Old Draft)

I wrote this in 2017 based on observations & discussions since 2013. Never thought I would get a chance to do a scientific study of our non-physical humanity in 2021 and confirmed that all my perspectives in 2013-2017 were correct. I will write about my journey at the end of this year, because I’m sure more things will still be discovered until December.

All references are as I found in 2017, totally different from what I have studied this year. Please enjoy this article, raw and naive as I was in 2017, unaware of what was going on inside me.

In the future, humans are ever connected.

In the current age, the internet is the catalyst. At first it takes the pain out of communication over a distance. And now we have many social media systems where people get even more connected to each other.

The anonymity of the internet? Yes, it has a point. It predicts the anonymity of the future, where we no longer see each other as someone who has a name, gender, race, job, social situation. On social media these days, you can fake whatever profile you want and converse with each other without really knowing how you look, how you move, and what you do in your daily life.

In the future, the anonymity will happen offline, too. You will “see through” people, no matter who they are, how they look like, and even how they behave. All of these are transparent, because you will just see (sense) people as balls of energy.

We are balls of energy. We interact with each other. We affect each other, positively and negatively. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be transferred. We are transferring each other’s energy as we are part of one big massive super-energy. Bigger than the universe.

Legacy of Nikola Tesla, the inventor of alternating current electricity

In the future, humans can sense each other’s energy.

We can tell whether people are happy, sad, angry, arrogant, excited, devastated. Remember the movie Inside Out, where we see how emotions within our body are actually working together? They have a name and they can tell someone’s energetic state. Emotion is “energy in motion”.

When the future humans can sense each other’s energy, they can also capture it. The current humans take emotions out onto something. For the senders, emotion is unconsciously expressed toward others (that may destroy or heal). For the receivers, emotion is transferred into mind to be frozen and kept like a picture we took while vacationing in Timbuktu or La La Land.

The unconscious process of expressing emotions toward others happens when we try to keep intact of what is visible, like our facial expression and tone of voice. Some people call it “professional manner” or “civilized manner”. This may suppress the emotion, causing our energy to hit others (depending on how strong it is, that it will reach a farther physical distance). You may claim “I am able to deal with that demanding customer,” yet the customer can feel your irritability and remember you as an uncomfortable person to be with.

Watch her TED talk or read her book

The transfer of emotions into pictures in our mind happens when we use our mind too much, rationalizing the situation in order to identify an emotion. It creates a perception inside us that associates the rationalized idea with the emotion. When the emotion arrives again, we recall that idea instead of identifying what is going on. Capturing a raw energy is, for example, “The boss makes me freeze every time I see him,” with no further judgment instead of rationalizing his cold energy into arrogance.

To grow toward the future humans, we need to bravely embrace our emotions in order to identify what is going on inside of us. Without this identification process, the raw energy goes out of our boundary (as a sender) and we’re trapped into rationalization (as a receiver).

In the future, humans are authentic.

Why? Because the future humans are so aware of their own energy. The energy of each human feels pure, so pure that it serves as a mirror to each other. As a sender, whatever energy you project toward others, it will be projected back to you. As a receiver, whatever perception you have toward others, it will be reflected back to you.

Yes, authenticity means we cannot lie or be fake. Our energy can explain this. When you say something in words but your mind knows it’s not true, your body produces a kind of misalignment energy. This is detected right away by your fellow human. It is not like using a lie detector machine where the misalignment energy has to be reproduced through triggers by an expert.

Authenticity is simply to be yourself. The current humans cannot understand this concept, because being authentic is considered having the permission to be a jerk. There is no way being authentic makes us a jerk, because we need to have a pure energy first. This comes from identifying our emotion (raw energy) and then transmuting it to a neutral energy before it oozes out of you.

In the future, humans are telepathic.

The sign of telepathy from the current humans is our intuition. Note that intuition here is not about something obtained through experience, but something that goes through your gut when you suddenly just know. Some of you have experienced that you speak of something without thinking first, yet it makes a lot of sense to the people around you. Like saying “Let’s take our umbrella in case it rains” on a sunny day, and then immediately it does rain.

This sudden knowing comes from your other self who conveys this information to you. It may also come from someone else who focuses her/his attention on you. Remember, we are ever connected and our energy affects each other, so our thought energy can also visits each other. One little example: have you ever felt someone was looking at you and you looked back and it was true that the person was looking at you?

The current humans do not know that if you love/hate someone so much (strong, excessive), your thoughts would fly toward that person. You tend to know it within your close circle, because you can confirm it with each other. For example, you are about to call your loved one and suddenly your phone rings with their number displayed. You say to that person “Wow, I was just about to call you!”

Can you make a similar remark to someone who hates you? Socially no, but you can try observing your sudden knowing phenomenon. Sometimes, having a hatred conveyed to you comes with a little accident such as biting your tongue, or having your heart beats faster. Now, please be careful with your thought, lest it’s conveyed to someone else. Thoughts are contagious, because it’s also energy. If it’s negative, just keep it low and let it pass.

In the future, humans are way beyond fear.

You know, fear comes when our fight-or-flight response is working too strongly. Instead of identifying what causes the fear, the current humans tend to get attached to fear. Eventually fear leads to suffering. And because of our connectedness, one person suffering can affect the others. This affects our collective growth as a human species.

The future humans no longer fear, in the sense that both the good and the evil help in our growth. The fear is used as yet another sign to identify what is going on, what needs to be done. This may also affect the environment, our growth as a universe of creations.

Yes, we are creations, but we also create. We create to be ever growing.

In the future, humans are faster ever in growing.

The current humans can only process positive energy and goodness in order to grow. In the future, humans grow with both types of energy. Negative energy simply means segregation, and positive energy simply means integration.

Good and evil. Light and darkness. Just like emotions, none of them are bad for us. The contrasts are needed to help us grow. The contrasts cause expansion.

In the future, humans are non-dualistic. Everyone is united in a never-ending exchange of energy as a one giant energy ball. We are One.

If you want to know more about the discussions around growth and oneness, try this 34-minute video. Indeed it’s taking billions of years, and I see that we’re moving faster.

Each human is at a different stage of growth. The need to grow is the reason that you have the instinct to produce biological children. Your children are a newer breed of humans. It is the reason that most parents do not understand their children. Through producing children you will help inviting a better breed of humans into this planet. The ones who are closer to the future.

But, what is future anyway? It could be a circular reference. It could be that we are already in the future. We’re just only unaware about it.

Shall we start practicing what the future humans do? Have you always felt that you are not a singular human? That you are part of the whole? Start there.