The Future Humans (Old Draft)

In the future, humans are ever connected.

In the current age, the internet is the catalyst. At first it takes the pain out of communication over a distance. And now we have many social media systems where people get even more connected to each other.

Legacy of Nikola Tesla, the inventor of alternating current electricity

In the future, humans can sense each other’s energy.

We can tell whether people are happy, sad, angry, arrogant, excited, devastated. Remember the movie Inside Out, where we see how emotions within our body are actually working together? They have a name and they can tell someone’s energetic state. Emotion is “energy in motion”.

Watch her TED talk or read her book

In the future, humans are authentic.

Why? Because the future humans are so aware of their own energy. The energy of each human feels pure, so pure that it serves as a mirror to each other. As a sender, whatever energy you project toward others, it will be projected back to you. As a receiver, whatever perception you have toward others, it will be reflected back to you.

In the future, humans are telepathic.

The sign of telepathy from the current humans is our intuition. Note that intuition here is not about something obtained through experience, but something that goes through your gut when you suddenly just know. Some of you have experienced that you speak of something without thinking first, yet it makes a lot of sense to the people around you. Like saying “Let’s take our umbrella in case it rains” on a sunny day, and then immediately it does rain.

In the future, humans are way beyond fear.

You know, fear comes when our fight-or-flight response is working too strongly. Instead of identifying what causes the fear, the current humans tend to get attached to fear. Eventually fear leads to suffering. And because of our connectedness, one person suffering can affect the others. This affects our collective growth as a human species.

In the future, humans are faster ever in growing.

The current humans can only process positive energy and goodness in order to grow. In the future, humans grow with both types of energy. Negative energy simply means segregation, and positive energy simply means integration.



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