Manifesto of a Lover

2 min readSep 28, 2019

I was born to readily love anyone.

What prevents me from loving is fear. The fear can come from myself or other people.

My best moments are when I get rid of my fear and the only fears available between me and others are theirs.

People translate deep-seated fears into many endeavors, from gaslighting, politics, to public bullying. I am always amazed of how capable humans are in translating their fears into so-called intelligent attitude and behavior. I cannot understand how they do that without being aware of the pain it causes.

I am here in this world to readily love anyone. Such a bleeding heart that I have to use my body to sense who deserves my love and who doesn’t. Most People who need my love are physically around me. Only a very few are remote. That is why life makes me move, if not countries then cities. I have to keep moving because life wants me to touch more people.

If you want to lecture me about empathy, look within yourself first. Can you readily love anyone around you, without the slightest prejudice because of your ignorance of your own deep-seated fear? Even if you can, would you let your intelligence block your way to loving? Some people would. Apparently.

I was born to readily love anyone. I am not asking for anything in return. I just want to see this world a better place before I die.

The above manifesto was shared with a number of acquaintances and friends. I received a loving feedback. They said that reading this manifesto helped them overcome their own fear.

A fellow lover asked me why this manifesto. Well, certain people have been lecturing me about integrity, humility, and empathy. They don’t know that it’s my daily job seeing those harmed by the violators of integrity, humility, empathy. I gotta practice a lot of self care and excuse myself to living on the slower lane.