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I run a separate publication for Design, Innovation, and Human Behavior. The random writings here are on Life Lessons and Personal Development. Other publications have picked up 4 articles: Leaving Netherlands, Startup Hiring, Startup Life, and Women in Tech.

And these were the ones I wrote with my heart:

I wrote this in 2017 based on observations & discussions since 2013. Never thought I would get a chance to do a scientific study of our non-physical humanity in 2021 and confirmed that all my perspectives in 2013-2017 were correct. …

Who is the new You facing 2021? What are your lessons?

Photo by Fabian Kühne on Unsplash

I’m writing this with a reference to C.G. Jung’s concept of collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is — to put it in plain English — the archetypal way we humans behave. This influences how we go through archetypal events such as birth, relationship, mating, illness, death, etc. When a world…

I’ m no longer your customer

In 2018 I signed up for Medium membership. Since then, I received extra (one or two) weekly emails on what to read. There’s really a lot happening on Medium and despite some interesting stories I still wasted a lot of time to reach the right pool of curated stories. In…

A Soliloquy on The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

When I was 4 years old, I learned the word “God” in two languages. One language from my country of birth, and another one from far away. Half of my extended family inherited the language from their ancestors who came to my country of birth centuries ago.

Immediately upon learning…

Two Mountains, Many People, Similar Stories

Java, Sulawesi, Lombok, for your reference

Mount Lawu, Java island. Altitude: 3150 meters (10335 feet).

The mountain stood 3265 meters (10712 feet) high. I took a half-day climb from a high land on Java, Indonesia. …

In a previous post, I have discussed why strategy is the most forgotten part of design. In this article, let’s talk about strategy. It could be a profession or a title/role in an organization a.k.a. Design Strategist, but any designers need strategic skills. …

I was born to readily love anyone.

What prevents me from loving is fear. The fear can come from myself or other people.

My best moments are when I get rid of my fear and the only fears available between me and others are theirs.

People translate deep-seated fears into…

America is so internationally known yet so blind of what’s going on in the world

(image source)

America has people of all colors and sizes from all over the world as its citizens. That way, they forgot that there’s such a thing as American culture. When we say culture, it’s not the just the ancient traditions brought by each multiple ancestors like German, Ghanaian, Indian, Irish, Korean…

Earlier I wrote about three roles of design: research, strategy, craft. In this article, I’m addressing research for a particular industry: digital service industry or #DesignInTech. Within the community, there are many practical guidelines about iteratively crafting a digital prototype. …


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